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>> Our story

MyStangMods was an idea that took flight in 2016 when a fellow mustang owner, just like you, took it upon himself to find parts that were perfect for his personal masterpiece. In pursuing the most advantageous deals and convenient pathways, this owner could not stop himself from helping others find ways to do so as well.

Earlier this year, MyStangMods successfully established itself as a secure ground for s550 Mustang 6G owners to gain access to specific and rare aftermarket parts directly from the U.S. Mustang enthusiasts can now cease the solo search, far and wide, for features to modify their build. Now you can personalise it for viewing, race, or street use, without looking any further than us.


>> What our clients can expect from us

At MyStangMods, we aim to make the process effortless and reliable for all who are interested in aftermarket parts. We value communication and ensure that our clients remain in the loop about what is happening with their item at every step of the way. Our clients can expect timely delivery of quality, handpicked, products. We offer our knowledge, as well, and you are more than welcome to consult us at any point in time about your 6Gen+Mustangs.


>> Products

We are proud to be able to supply fellow mustang owners with high quality accessories and parts, at affordable prices. At MystangMods, you are spared the extra worry of shipping down individual expensive pieces, which may reduce your ability to modify your build to the extent you wish to. With this one massive impediment out of the way, the doors are open to an infinity of options – a full range of aftermarket parts to get your hands on.

Custom order requests are certainly within the options at your disposal, at lowest prices guaranteed*. Why settle for a stock standard Mustang when it is easier now, more than ever, to specialise and tailor your mustang to your personal taste?


>> Where to begin

If you are wondering how to begin the process of creating your dream build, click on the live chat now, or give us a call on 1800 950 663.

We can offer guidance on specific products you may have in mind. If you are completely unsure of what is out there, or just wanted to gain an understanding on possible features for your own mustang, do not hesitate! We are happy to have a chat with you.


>> We want to hear from you 

In ensuring that we are always providing our clients with practical options, and excellent services, we wish for your feedback. Please let us know what your experience was like with us at MystangMods, and feel free to leave any suggestions via our Contact Us page.

We thank you in advance, for your valuable opinions, and will strive to continuously grow and remain in line with current trends and requirements within the mustang community.