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Ford Mustang s550 vs s650 | Critical Difference (Short Summary)Sep 23, 2023 | BY Vukasin H.

Ford Mustang s550 vs s650 | Critical Difference (Short Summary)

One of the first things that pop into everyone’s mind when they see the brand new 2024 Ford Mustang is how it compares to the outgoing model. The 2015 to 2023 Mustang S550 is an incredibly important model, being the first genuinely global muscle car and a fantastic platform for modifications or racing. Due to the fact that the next-gen Ford Mustang S650 uses the same platform, it is safe to say that mechanically, both generations are very similar. But let’s see what has been changed. 


Ford Mustang S550 vs. S650 Dimensions


When comparing the cars built on the same platform, the most essential measure is the wheelbase. The S550 Mustang has a wheelbase of 2720 mm (coincidentally the same as with the S197 Mustang), which the 2024 S650 Mustang will inherit. However, the next-gen Mustang will be longer at 4810 mm in length, slightly taller at 1397 mm, but the same width as the outgoing model at 1915 mm. 

The track will be slightly wider at 1574 mm at the front and 1643 mm in the rear of the car. Although the official figures regarding the overall weight are not yet available, we can be sure that the 2024 Mustang will have a few kg more due to the amount of tech and features. For example, the 2024 EcoBoost version is just 40 kg more than the outgoing model, while the 2024 GT is 45 kilograms heavier than the previous generation.  


Ford Mustang S550 vs. S650 Engines


One of the most extensive areas of improvement of the next-gen Ford Mustang is under the bonnet, and although the engines retain the same displacement and number of cylinders, they are all new. The entry-level unit is a 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder, and a 5.0-litre V8 is optional. However, both engines are entirely revised, upgraded and more powerful. 

The 2.3-litre EcoBoost is getting a slight power boost at 330 hp but has higher compression and revised internals for better fuel economy. This small but potent motor wasn’t very thirsty, but now it will have even better fuel economy. The 5.0-litre GT returns in revised form with dual intakes, better sound, better fuel economy and a very slight increase in power. 

Since Ford introduced the Mustang Dark Horse version, which has an even more powerful V8 with forged internals, high-performance intake and an exhaust system, we can expect that this Coyote V8 variant will be able to deliver even more power. Ford rates the Dark Horse at 500 hp, but there is a strong chance that this is underrated. That being said, with the help of an upgraded 6-speed manual and 10-speed automatic, there is a good chance that the 2024 Ford Mustang is noticeably faster than the outgoing model. 


The Ford Mustang S550 vs. S650 Design And Interior


The design lineage is obvious, and the 2024 Mustang draws inspiration from the S550 model. Ford’s designers did a great job and managed to improve the overall look, present a recognizable form, keep all the classic design elements and still make a thoroughly modern-looking car that will be fresh for years to come. Compared to the outgoing generation, the new 2024 Mustang will have different front fascia for each model. The base EcoBoost Mustang will have one front-end design, V8-powered GTs will have a more aggressive front bumper and hood, while Dark Horse will have even more dynamic styling, a different grille and a front splitter. On the S550 Mustang, visual differences between models were subtle, but they will be more pronounced on the new S650 Mustang. 

The interior of the next-gen Ford Mustang is all new and vastly improved over the “old” model. The most significant improvement is the new dash with an extensive digital information display and infotainment screen next to it. Even though the S550 Mustang received the digital cluster when restyled in 2019, this is an entirely new technology vastly superior to the old system. Also, Ford offered Sync3 on the previous model as an option, but on the 2024 Mustang, the Sync4 is standard on every model. 


Ford Mustang S550 vs. S650 Price 


The affordability was always a big part of Mustang’s appeal. Of course, as with any car, the new generation always costs a bit more. However, in Mustang’s case, it is acceptable. The S550 Mustang EcoBoost started at around $28,000 in America, while the 2024 S650 Mustang is $32,200 MSRP. This is a slight increase, knowing just how much improved the car is. The GT, on the other hand, has a base price of $44,000 in the USA, and we can expect that Australian prices will be released shortly


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23September 2023