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Top 3 Sway Bar Kits for 2015-2023 Mustangs in AustraliaSep 27, 2022 | BY Vukasin H.

Top 3 Sway Bar Kits for 2015-2023 Mustangs in Australia

Sway bars and their end links are an essential handling component of any performance car. As for the 2015 + Ford Mustang GT, Ecoboost, High Performance, BULLITT and Mach1, they are one of the first significant upgrades you should consider upgrading if you are looking to take your car’s handling to the next level. Besides being the best-selling muscle car in the world with over 10 million examples sold since 1964, Ford Mustang is one of the cars that single-handedly created the aftermarket and tuning scene that swept the industry. Even though every generation was a great performer in its own right (except the Ford Mustang II from the mid-70s), fans soon realized that there is so much that can be done with just a few simple mods. 


Just by tinkering with the engine, brakes, or suspension, Mustangs could punch well above their weight and turn into seriously capable street or track cars, which is why they are so popular with racers worldwide. When the latest Ford Mustang sixth generation (S550) was introduced in 2015, some fans believed that the days of modifying your Mustangs were over. After all, the 2015 model was all-new with state-of-the-art independent rear suspension, a brand new platform, and modern turbocharged four-cylinder and V8 engines in Mustang GT. Fortunately, Ford Mustang stayed true to the original concept and presented the layout that welcomes modifications and can be transformed into a genuine supercar killer. 


Even though the most significant step forward in terms of engineering was done in Mustang’s suspension department, there are a lot of modifications that can make your car handle even better. One of the most common choices for any enthusiast with or without track aspirations is sway bars. So, what do the Ford Mustang sway bars actually do, and how do they make your Mustang suspension better and more precise? 


What Are Sway Bars And How They Work


Sway bars (or anti-roll bars as they are sometimes called) are an integral part of the modern car suspension setup. It consists of a metal bar that links the opposite wheels and sway bar end links for adjustment. The sway bars are used on almost modern vehicles, but in the case of Ford Mustang suspension, it is also used on the front and on the rear axle. The principle of working is pretty straightforward. Each wheel has its own individual movements when the car is in motion due to small bumps in the pavement. Even though the wheels on the same axle have the same geometry, they can have different tilting or roll angles during turning or going over cracks and potholes. The function of the sway bars is to physically link the wheels on the same axle and force them to move in sync, minimalizing the roll or tilting. 

Sway Bar How It Works

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With a sway bar in place, both wheels are moving similarly, which significantly benefits the overall Mustang suspension feel. The main aspect of the sway bar is its stiffness which depends on the type of material used. Thicker usually means stiffer, and for improved handling and steering feel, you will need thicker sway bars than stock. However, in order to save weight, manufacturers often make hollow sway bars that are lighter and as stiff as conventional, solid ones. In general, sway bars are made of steel, but some companies use aluminium alloy and other materials in pursue of reducing weight.The stiffer the sway bar, the more the vehicle can resist the body roll. Of course, the sway bars must have some flexibility in them, so the ride is not too harsh but still needs to be strong enough to compensate for the forces generated by the suspension. 


Since the imperative of almost all cars is to have precise suspension, this simple but effective mechanical device is used throughout the industry. The front and rear sway bar kits helps with the traction, as well. The only type of vehicles that don’t need sway bars is dedicated off-road vehicles on which you actually want maximum independent articulation of each wheel since it translates to more grip on the trail.


What Is The Benefit Of Installing The Kit For Your Ford Mustang?


The Mustang sway bars are one of the most popular suspension modifications for the S550 generation, and for a good reason. First, with a replacement kit, you will reduce body roll (or lean), making your Mustang feel flat in the corners and allowing you to turn faster. With this component in place, your 2015+ Mustang GT will handle more precisely and have more grip during hard driving since the new anti-roll kit will effectively force the opposing wheels to stay firmer on the ground allowing more contact between the rubber and the tarmac. The second important aspect is that it will effectively help you tune the overall handling balance of your Mustang GT. Since there are two on the S550 generation Mustang (front and rear sway bar kit), replacing both of them with one of our premium brand products is the perfect way to transform the handling and suspension of your vehicle.

Install Sway Bar

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Even though the stock Mustang is an exceptionally capable and nimble performance machine, with the right set of upgraded front and rear sway bar kit, your S550 Mustang will feel a lot sharper, more stable, and ultimately faster. Regardless of your potential track day aspirations, having this modification on your daily driver is a wise investment. Although the front and rear components look similar and have the same purpose, their stiffness ratio, sway bar links, and length are not the same. That is because the amount of weight over the axles, suspension travel, and track width are not the same. Also, since the Mustang is a rear-wheel-drive model, that is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing a rear one. That is why the front is usually thicker and more robust than the rear ones. In Mustang’s case, the engine is in the front, which makes the car heavier and requires more substantial components to keep everything in check. 


With a thoroughly engineered replacement kit, you can fine-tune the suspension of your Mustang and suit it better to your driving style or track use. Sway bars can help you fight oversteer and other characteristics and work great with the lowering springs, performance shock absorbers, and wider tires. They are the first step in making your Mustang handle like it is on rails. The third important point to mention is the fact that these are bolt-on modifications that can be installed relatively easily and fast, but it will make a world of difference. 


What Are The Sway Bar End Links And Why Replace Them?


End links are an integral part of the replacement kit, and those are small rods that actually connect each end of the rod with the suspension. They are also crucial since they regulate the camber angle and smoothen the motion between the sway bar and control arms. Since they have the tough job of transmitting the energy during each turn, they get worn over time, and it is highly recommended to replace them when installing the aftermarket kit. Fortunately, almost all of our featured products in our shop come with brand new links for the best quality and maximum durability in fighting the body roll. 


What Are The Sway Bar Bushings?


Although the bushings seems small and irrelevant, they are an essential piece of the 2015 to 2022 Mustang suspension puzzle. Their primary purpose is to stop the sway bar from rattling and firmly position it on the suspension assembly. However, depending on the material, bushings also can provide additional torsional rigidity to the whole component, which is why the sway bar kits always come with firmer bushings for more strength. 

Top 3 My Stang Mods Sway Bar Kits


My Stang Mods is proud to offer some of the biggest and most sought after suspension brands in the automotive industry. We have hand picked our top 3 picks for heavy duty adjustable front and rear performance sway bar kits that keep your Stang flat around the corners reducing body roll and during hard launches. 


1. Whiteline Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit  | Made in USA


This Whiteline product is already becoming quite popular amongst the 2015 to 22 Mustang fans. It is because of its affordable price and its adjustability, easy install, and overall quality. Priced at $1,324.80, the BFK006 sway bar kit comes with a front and rear solid sway bar, four sway bar links, set of bushings, saddles and shocks. The front sway bar is 30 mm in diameter, while the rear sway bar is 25 mm. Both are adjustable with three bolting points, so you can choose whether you want maximum stiffness or comfort. 


Image via My Stang Mods

This kit is bolt-on with perfect fitment, and it comes with 3-years/60,000 warranty. Also, BFK006 is a well-engineered and quality manufactured product. Since it is adjustable, it is perfect for Mustang owners who want a balance between sharp handling and minimum body roll and a comfortable ride quality on the street. It is available in silver colour with yellow components. 


2. Superpro SKU RC0074 Kit (Made in Australia)


The Superpro’s sway bar kit comes at an even more affordable price ($926.00), but it is a bit more dedicated product aimed at specific Mustang customers. First of all, the sway bars are hollow and made of lighter alloy, which benefits overall vehicle weight. Second, the front sway bar is 35 mm thick while the rear is 25 mm, which means that this kit is more oriented towards people who want absolute precision steering and front end grip rather than overall balance and handling.

SuperPro Suspension Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit

Image via My Stang Mods

Of course, the SKU RC0074 kit comes with a complete list of components, adjustable sway bars, sway bar links, polyurethane bushings (for extra stiffness), and an installation guide for easy fitment. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Superpro’s sway bar kit for the 2015 to 2022 Mustang will fit all models, and it comes with a full lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It comes in a signature blue colour which is standard on Superpro’s products and is coincidentally very similar to Ford’s shade of blue. 

3. BMR Suspension SKU SB043 (Made in USA)


This kit can be considered a more extreme upgrade due to the fact it is made out of cold-formed heavy-duty steel tubing, which is known for its stiffness and durability. The BMR sway bars are hollow and lighter than standard, solid ones. But, that is not all. BMR deliberately included the 88 greasable polyurethane bushings for even more strength resulting in ultimate control, handling, and precision. There is a noticeable difference in the reduction of deflection when compared to the stock rubber bushings which allows for more sway bar control, and therefore resulting in overall better handling.The SKU SB043 is also adjustable with three-way positioning, and it will fit any 2015 to 2022 Mustang, whether with V8 or with a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. This product is priced at $1140.00.

BMR Suspension Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars

Image via My Stang Mods

However, BMR Suspension’s sway bar kit for 2015 to 2022 Mustang comes with two adjustable sway bars, rubber, and bolts without sway bar links. If you want to purchase this product, be aware that you will need to get a set of four sway bar links in order to make it work and attach it to control arms. It is recommended to get a full set for best results, adjustability and perfect driving feel. The exciting thing about BMR's sway bar kit for the 2015+ Mustang is the fact that the front sway bar gives you a 19 to 55% increase in rate, and the rear sway bar is even stiffer with 63 to 208% firmness. The rates depend on one of three available positions and the use of adjustable sway bar links, which are recommended. This significant increase in stiffness will be proportional to improvements in your Mustang's handling, steering, and stability. This is why the SKU SB043 is aimed at dedicated track day fans, drifters, or people building a race car. The heavy-duty construction provides the customer with the stiffest component. A lack of links suggests that the owner should purchase a set of adjustable sway bar links for a particular application.


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