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Airaid Performance Intakes

Do you wish to enhance the power and performance of your vehicle? AIRAID products will come in handy in taking your vehicle’s performance to the next level. The company focuses on manufacturing premium air filters and air intakes for muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

Airaid started producing and developing air intake systems for crossovers and light trucks in 1997. Since then, the company has continued to broaden and enhance its range. 

Air intake systems by Airaid help your engine to breathe, which helps to enhance torque and horsepower. Each filter is tested, manufactured, and tuned using advanced equipment to ensure maximum airflow. 

The air intakes fit your vehicle perfectly and also perform well. They use industry mounting points to ensure you don’t have to drill, cut, or make any other modifications. 

If you want more power and performance for your vehicle, don’t think about getting a new engine; consider getting an Airaid air filter. The filters come with layers of cotton gauze and another layer of SynthaFlow material. SynthaFlow is a synthetic fibre material, and it offers the last line of protection inside an air filter. It filters the smallest particles at the micron level that the cotton gauze filters cannot trap. 

The cotton gauze layers work together with the SynthaFlow material to offer premium filtration. 

Additionally, the air filters come with a durable urethane casing that is resistant to cracking or shrinking even when exposed to heat under the hood. The Airaid air filters come with a lifetime warranty which is an assurance of quality. 


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