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American Racing Wheels

American Racing Custom Wheels was founded in 1956, giving it a wealth of experience in track and street performance. The company has a wide heritage in American motorsports, and it continues to make strides in American racing. Some of the most popular products by the company include the Torq Thrust, which is the most iconic wheel of all time, with over 60 years in the market. The wheel is popular due to its lightweight 5-spoke design, making it the most imitated wheel design. American Racing Custom Wheels has been involved in various types of racing, including desert racing, drag racing, and Trans AM Racing. Besides the Torq Thrust, winning racing teams have used other types of wheels by the brand, including Baja, Libre, LeMans, 200S, etc. The wheels have also been part of the mainstream culture, with some being part of the most famous cars in TV shows and movies. For instance, Two-Lane Blacktop and Dukes of Hazard have cars with American Racing Custom Wheels as the stars in the shows. The company uses the best technologies and innovations in coming up with the wheels. Initially, it used Magnesium wheels, which have since given way for forged aluminum wheels that are stronger and lighter. The forged line of wheels is 100% manufactured in the US. The wheels are manufactured using 6061 forged aluminium which is handcrafted. You can order depending on style, size, fitment, and finish.


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