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Avant Garde

Avant Garde Wheels is committed to innovation and overcoming the recognized status quo in the wheel industry. Avant Garde manufactures high-quality wheels with performance-driven engineering. Realizing that even the most attractive wheels can be ruined by incorrect dimensions, we designed our wheels to make sure they are installed correctly from the start. At Avant Garde, they are not only passionate about the importance of wheel quality, but also how they look on your vehicle. In order to maintain the highest possible quality, Avant Garde uses the latest computer aided engineering and testing technology when manufacturing all wheels. By using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we are able to perform detailed test methods to ensure the strength and durability of our wheels. FEA allows detailed visualization of where the wheel can bend or twist, and indicates the distribution of stress and displacement. This allows the complete design to be constructed, refined and optimized before manufacturing. To ensure that Avant Garde never compromise on quality, each of our designs meets the rigorous testing of the industry-recognized JWL standard. In order to detect even the smallest defects, their wheels are pressurized in a specially designed water tank, and the hidden defects are scanned by X-rays. This entire process ensures that we provide our customers with the highest quality products.

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