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Injen Technology

The Injen Technology brand was born out of the desire to perfect the art of polishing. 
In 1988, Ron Delgado, a young entrepreneur, was working late trying to find a way to polish products for his family business. The machines at that time only polished along flat surfaces. Ron came up with an idea of a multi-axis machine that would make polishing faster and better, and he was determined to make it happen. He made the move in 1991 when there was an increasing demand for quality aftermarket air induction products. He launched Injen Technology with a patent to allow enthusiasts to achieve better performance without the Check Engine Lights. The company has grown to innovate and deliver products that meet the ever-increasing need for vehicles in the market. Their products also meet the needs of the complex cars in the market. The brand has grown in popularity among enthusiasts who demand quality solutions for their vehicles. 

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