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Niche Wheels

Niche Wheels is a popular brand to reckon with in the wheel industry. If you are looking for any wheel for your ride, you are sure to get it at Niche Wheels company. The wheels by the company range from one-piece cast wheels to mid-range wheels. The wheels come with stylish polished stainless steel lips that add a touch of class and beauty to your ride. Niche Wheels are popular globally due to their quality, reliability, and unique designs. Niche Wheels is always looking for new technologies and techniques that help manufacture the finest aftermarket wheels for your ride. Niche Wheels company uses the best material in the wheel manufacturing industry, which is aircraft-grade aluminum. It also utilizes low-pressure die-casting that needs a minimum amount of work to achieve the finished product. The final product wheel is straight and requires little to no weight at all to balance properly. Using the best technique while casting ensures the company offers you a perfect wheel devoid of surface flaws. If you are a sporting enthusiast, Niche Wheels got your back. It has a sports series with no lip, and it features spokes that extend from the centre to the outer edges of the lip. The design helps to achieve maximum concavity, larger calliper upgrades, and aggressive staggered fitments. The company also offers the Niche Wheels Touring Series, a one-piece cast wheel with a coNiche or concave road wheels calgarynvex face profile. The wheels come with two-toned or matte black finishes with stainless steel finishes that give the wheels the face of 3-piece construction. 

Are you in search of wheels for racing?
Niche Wheels has a racing series that features dual lug cast monoblock construction with a design to enhance performance. The racing series wheels by Niche Wheels are light, strong, and can use extensive brake calliper upgrades. Niche Wheels also has the Niche 3-piece forged wheels that are custom made in the United States. The 3-piece forged wheels are designed to meet your fitment perfectly. The company uses the highest quality of materials and the best techniques to give the best results. The wheels are engineered, built, and finished at the company’s in-house manufacturing plant, and they vary in size ranging from 18” to 26”. Niche Wheels MONOTEC is the leader in custom wheel manufacturing. The monotec wheels are cut from a single forged aluminium which offers you the best combination of lightweight and strength. The monotec wheels are what you need if you want to push your vehicle to the limit. Additionally, Niche Wheels offers you the Niche Wheels TRACK SERIES, which are two-piece wheels that you can get in either traditional bolted and welded construction. Niche Wheels track series is designed to offer the best performance and maximum strength. The strength and performance are achieved using the exclusive construction that varies from cast centres and outers to forged centres and outers. 

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