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Stainless Works

Stainless Works is your go-to brand if you are looking for the most reliable and high-quality aftermarket exhausts and headers. The brand, based in the United States, manufactures the headers and exhausts on-site. Apart from the exhausts and headers, Stainless Works is also famous for manufacturing other custom components, including Chopper Builder Kits, Rod Builder Kits, etc. Additionally, the company helps you in coming up with customizations that will satisfy your needs. Thus, they help you in making special bends, adapters, collectors, flanges, etc. The company continues to come up with new products for classic car models, as well as new car and truck models. The brand has a reputation for offering systems with a proven performance which increases with pre and post-dyno posting of vehicles. The brand uses high-quality stainless steel and the finest materials. This helps to ensure durability and the best performance. Stainless steel materials don’t rust like the 400 series used by other competitors. Additionally, the company boasts of some of the most skilled American Craftsmen who ensure that you enjoy the best experiences as a customer. The company seeks to improve quality and capabilities by using new technologies such as CNC Robotic Cell, CNC Press Brake, etc. The technologies are also available for any customization that you may require. 

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