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Turbosmart has been in operation since 1997 when CEO and founder Nic Cooper founded it. The company started from humble beginnings, and it was his passion for race performance that enabled him to develop the very first product. The product was a BOV type 1 that he hand-crafted on a steel lathe in a garage in Sydney, Australia. Turbosmart enjoyed immense success on the local scene, and it built a reputation as one of the most dependable and reliable brands among industry professionals. Before long, the company’s reputation crossed the borders, and it started exporting products to other markets. In June 2002, Turbosmart brought its first CNC lathe and Machining Centre. This was a significant step that enabled the company to bring all its production in-house. The step was necessary to enable the company to control the growing market, prototyping demands, quality, and volume. Today, the company operates nine CNC machines that run for 24 hours, seven days a week. The first two machines are still in use to date. Turbosmart is all about passion, excitement, and innovation. It has a dedicated team that enables it to become a reputable brand on track and in global markets. It has the vision to be the most sought brand globally for forced induction vehicle modifications. It also wants to build a reputation for offering the best quality products to all its customers. They also have a goal to create game-changing technologies that go beyond customer expectations. 

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