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Ford 2024 Mustang Colours Australia Guide (S650)Oct 23, 2023 | BY Sanju U.

Ford 2024 Mustang Colours Australia Guide (S650)

When it comes to vehicles, especially iconic ones like the Mustang, colour is more than just a visual attribute—it's an expression of identity, style, and heritage. The S650 Mustang will launch (Q1 2024) at Australian Ford Dealerships in 12 mesmerising colours ranging from subtle neutrals to bright, eye-catching hues that are sure to turn heads.  Among these, "Vapour Blue", "Yellow Splash" and “Blue Ember” are brand-new shades.


2024 Ford Mustang s650 Exterior Colours for Australia (Summary Table)


  Code Colour Ecoboost GT Dark Horse
Oxford White YZ  
Race Red PQ  
Shadow Black G1  
Vapour Blue Metallic K1  
Blue Ember E1      
Atlas Blue Metallic B3  
Grabber Blue Metallic AE  
Dark Matter Grey Metallic HY  
Carbonised Grey Metallic M7  
Iconic Silver Metallic JS    
Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat D4    
Yellow Splash Metallic RH    


Comprehensive 2024 Mustang Paint colours (Australia)


The S650 2024 Mustang GT, Ecoboost and Dark Horse's imminent arrival has set enthusiasts hearts racing. Yes, the engine and trims are making headlines, but so are the vehicle's captivating new shades. In this article, we explore the various options for exterior colours available on the 2024+ Mustang GT, Ecoboost and the all new Dark Horse.


Blue Ember


Mustang Blue Ember

Image via Ford Media

This deep blue shade steals the show, reminiscent of a majestic dark horse. Enriched with gold metallic flakes, the paint catches sunlight, radiating a delicate glow that ensures it commands attention wherever it goes. This exceptional shade owes its dynamism to "special effect pigments," allowing for a dramatic colour shift based on lighting and angle. As Ford describes, a harmonious blend of colours was used to achieve this visual magic. In photos, the paint intriguingly seems to shift between dark blue and a hint of light purple, all dependent on varied conditions. But there's a catch! It's exclusive to the Mustang Dark Horse variant with the Appearance Package. 


Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat


Mustang Rapid Red

Image via Ford Media

Rapid Red is a very rich, glossy shade of metallic red that was showcased on a s650 convertible at the Detroit Auto Show. Ford has reassured fans that Rapid Red Metallic will grace the S650 Mustang lineup, continuing its legacy. Ford Australia has confirmed Rapid Red is a Prestige Colour optional add-on which is exclusive to 2024 s650 Mustang Ecoboost and GT.


Race Red

Mustang Race Red

Image via Ford Media

Although not as rich and deep metallic as the Rapid Red, Race Red stands out with its brilliance, offering a classic Mustang colour option. Renowned as one of the longest-standing colours from the launch of the s550 back in 2015, Race Red continues to be a popular choice among Mustang Enthusiasts and it looks like it is here to stay on the 2024 model year lineup. The Race Red colour will be a no-cost option from Ford Australia.


Carbonised Grey Metallic

Carbonized Gray

Image via Ford Media

Yet another colour that was featured at the launch event in Detroit on a s650 Fastback Ecoboost Mustang. Carbonized Gray Metallic is a contemporary shade in the Mustang lineup, merging elegance with aggression. It is relatively new and was initially launched in 2021 to replace the magnetic colour. Beautifully highlighting the Mustang's dynamic contours while offering a contemporary twist to traditional car colours. As per Ford Australia, Carbonised Grey this is a Prestige Colour option.


Dark Matter Grey Metallic

Mustang Dark Matter

Image via Ford Media

As the name suggests, Dark Matter Gray is the darkest of all the grey options available, bordering on black. It's a fantastic choice for those who adore the mystique of dark shades but want something different from the regular black. Dark Matter Grey is a Prestige Colour option for the 2024+ Mustang.


Iconic Silver Metallic

Mustang Iconic Silver

Image via Ford Media

First revealed in 2020 as a replacement for Ingot Silver, the “Iconic” colour is coming back to the 2024+ Mustang Line up. Its light grey tone allows it to beautifully complement the sleek lines and contours of any vehicle, particularly accentuating design details - providing a subtle yet impactful aesthetic. The Iconic Silver Metallic colour is a Prestige Colour option exclusively available for the 2024 mustang gt and ecoboost.


Vapour Blue Metallic

Mustang Vapor Blue

Image via Ford Media

A fresh new colour making its debut for the 2024 Mustang s650 line up, Vapor Blue is an all-new light bluish-grey colour that is both unique and stunning with hints of metallic. With its modern tone and vibe, it’s set to be a crowd-favourite when deliveries begin. Vapour Blue Metallic is an optional extra being a Prestige Colour in Australia.


Grabber Blue Metallic

Mustang Grabber Blue

Image via Ford Media

Grabber Blue Metallic holds a special place in the hearts of Mustang enthusiasts, though it hasn't consistently been a staple of the iconic pony car. The Mustang colour palette first welcomed Grabber Blue in 1970, instantly capturing the attention and admiration of car enthusiasts. Fast forward to today, and Grabber Blue Metallic stands out as a go-to colour, renowned for its striking and vibrant shade. It possesses a mesmerising depth and a glossy metallic sheen that makes it an absolute head-turner on the streets. Ford Australia will be offering Grabber Blue as a prestige mustang colour add on.


Atlas Blue Metallic

Atlas Blue

Image via Ford Media

Introduced in 2022, Atlas Blue offers a darker and more subtle blue option for the Mustang when compared to Grabber Blue. For those seeking a sophisticated yet captivating hue, Atlas Blue is the way to go. Atlas Blue is another colour that will be offered as a Prestige Colour by Ford Dealers in Australia as an optional upgrade.


Yellow Splash Metallic

Yellow Splash

Image via Ford Media

One of the newcomers Ford introduced to the 2024 Mustang colour palette. The previous two yellow colour choices that were available on the s550 Mustang, Triple Yellow and Grabber Yellow, were distinguished by their solid, non-metallic finish. Yellow Splash Metallic, on the other hand, introduces a vibrant and bold yellow hue reminiscent of its predecessors but with an added twist – metallic flakes in the paint. This not only enhances the car’s overall aesthetic but also adds a subtle shimmer, bringing a new dimension to this striking colour. Yellow Splash Metallic is prestige colour option when ordering your Mustang from a Ford dealer in Australia

Oxford White

Oxford White

Image via Ford Media

Oxford White has been around for numerous Mustang Generations, due its classic and nostalgic appeal to Mustang Enthusiasts around the world. We don’t see Ford discontinuing this colour any time soon and is here to stay for the 2024+ Mustangs offered in Australia. Oxford White will be offered by Ford Dealers as a no cost option.


Shadow Black

Mustang Shadow Black

Image via Ford Media

Shadow Black has been Ford’s go to choice for a Black shade. It  was first introduced to the mustang colour palette in 2016 with the s550 Mustang. It's a deep, rich black infused with metallic flecks, giving it a dynamic and multi-dimensional presence. When the light hits the Shadow Black finish, it shimmers, revealing its complex layers and pearlescent sheen. It has been a popular choice among Mustang enthusiasts for years, and we expect it to be a fan favourite for many years to come. Although a classic colour, shadow black is an optional extra when it comes to opting it or your Mustang through Ford Australia.

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